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Who We Are

Online Addiction Treatment is comprised of staff that is ALL in recovery themselves, so we know what kind of courage and strength it takes to reach out for help. Whether you are seeking help for yourself, or someone you love, we know this is a trying time, but you DO NOT have to go through it alone. We are a haven for anyone who is suffering from alcohol or drug dependency to come and acquire what is needed to stay sober outside of treatment…where it really counts.

Our own experience shows that there is no case that is too hopeless or too complicated to achieve a happy, sober, fulfilling life, that cultivates and nurtures healthy relationships, accountability, and real freedom from the despair of alcohol and drug dependency. We believe we have a program that really works, because the staff are living examples of normal and happy lives, participating in the same treatment modalities as our clients.


"Strong clinical team, dedication and passion for people. Genuinely good people doing beautiful work in outpatient recovery."


"I HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone who has the ability to go because the staff here is on another level when it comes to instilling life skills, modeling exemplary behavior, and having the integrity to also be exemplary humans in their day-to-day."


"They treat their patients extremely well making sure everything they need is there for them. They believe in their treatments and how to support the patient needs throughout the recovery process. I highly recommend this center for people who are looking for a place that truly cares about recovery."