Online Rehab: Virtual Intensive Outpatient Treatment

At The Lakehouse online rehab, all you need is access to a Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone to get critical, clinical treatment for substance abuse.

We have made the safety of our clients a priority during this crisis. Our team is diligently monitoring real time information about COVID-19 from the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the WHO (World Health Organization), and the State of California. We are working to maintain a safe environment that will support prevention. In addition, to adhere to requests for social distancing while allowing our client’s to continue to build connections, we will be offering all clients the option of virtual outpatient treatment through Telemedicine services.

Online Rehab Services for Drug & Alcohol Abuse Treatment


Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers the same high ­quality and compassionate care that clients have come to expect from inpatient treatment, without requiring you to leave your home or family.


Partial Hospitalization (PHP) allows an individual to stay at home while initially seeking help or, if they’ve been to a rehab, return home while still receiving of therapeutic care for drug and alcohol treatment.


Substance Abuse is often accompanied by anxiety, depression and trauma. We offer Integrated psychological evaluation and online addiction counseling for those presenting with these issues.

Virtual Rehab and Online Addiction Counseling - Online Addiction Treatment

For our online rehab outpatient program, clients may utilize insurance for services if applicable. Without brick and mortar overhead costs, our Virtual Outpatient Program is considerably lower than Residential Programs as well as other non-virtual Outpatient Programs.

Until now, these services, which typically include individual and group therapy, psychiatric services, case management, drug testing and varied workshops, are only available to those who can visit a clinical office where they are offered. But with our Virtual Outpatient Treatment, we are offering those same services in your home, in your sober living, or wherever you have internet access.

This online rehab affords the opportunity for any client to receive the services that they need as well as reduce any safety issues or anxiety around having to enter an in-person group environment. We will be using the ZOOM app which is a HIPAA compliant platform.

How Our Virtual Outpatient Program Works:

All you need is access to a Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone to get critical, clinical treatment for substance abuse.

Step 1:

A client contacts our Admissions Department for an assessment by calling 1-877-618-3007 or filling out the form on our Contact page.

Step 2:

Client executes standard intake paper work detailing services, Rules and Regulation Agreements, HIPPA and Liability Protections, and schedules an online biopsychosocial evaluation with clinical staff.

Step 3:

Client is emailed a weekly schedule which he or she agrees to, along with a HIPPA compliant link to our Portal. Utilizing their home or office computer, tablet or Smart Phone, the client simply clicks on the link when ready to join either a group, an individual session with a counselor, therapist or psychiatrist, or guest lectures and a variety of entertaining recovery related workshops.

Similar to Skype or FaceTime, client and clinician will be able to see each other, face to face, via the internet. Clients can join groups as well, with each participant able to see and hear each other. Online addiction counseling groups will be facilitated by Certified Drug & Alcohol counselors and master’s level therapists.