secondary addiction

Understanding Secondary Behavioral Addictions

By Lakehouse Recovery | May 11, 2021

A person in treatment for a substance use disorder may struggle with feeling an emptiness or need their substance used to fill. In many cases, the brain in recovery still needs time to repair itself and adjust. However, since most drugs act on reward systems in the brain, some people find seemingly harmless replacements that…

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coping strategies

Healthy Strategies for Coping With Stress

By Lakehouse Recovery | May 7, 2021

While we all deal with stress, people in recovery from substance use need healthy coping skills to help them get through stressful situations. Unhealthy stress responses can cause problems in anyone’s life. However, for people in recovery, learning new coping skills to handle stress can serve as an essential part of the recovery process. From…

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Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment

By Lakehouse Recovery | April 29, 2021

Using mediation to help treat addiction may seem counterproductive, but it actually has numerous benefits for those currently in recovery. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can make the recovery process smoother, especially in the beginning, and has a number of benefits for those seeking long-term sobriety. By learning more about MAT and its benefits, individuals can begin to…

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Using Breathwork for Addiction Recovery

By Lakehouse Recovery | April 26, 2021

When people think of addiction treatment, they most likely associate traditional treatment modalities with the process, such as individual and group therapy and medication-assisted therapy (MAT). However, a growing number of holistic-based treatment modalities are being used in facilities across the US to offer an alternative way of healing. One such holistic technique is breathwork,…

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Why Healthy Family Involvement is Key to Recovery

By Lakehouse Recovery | April 22, 2021

When discussing addiction, it is often thought of as a personal experience that only the person struggling is impacted by. However, those closest to them, namely the family, will also be directly affected by the person’s addiction. In fact, addiction can affect families in a variety of ways, causing the various members to take on…

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people sitting in a circle-therapy

Understanding Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

By Lakehouse Recovery | April 19, 2021

Modern mental health and addiction treatment have a number of approaches that suit every person’s individual needs. A variety of therapies are being used in facilities across the United States to help give patients the best chance at a successful recovery. One such therapy that is being used is rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT). First…

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What is Drama Therapy?

By Lakehouse Recovery | April 16, 2021

Many people often avoid therapy or seeking treatment for addiction because they associate it with boring, long, and uncomfortable sessions to help work out the underlying issues at play. However, modern addiction treatment involves a number of treatment approaches and strategies that are fun and creative ways to find healing. One such method used across…

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How Treating Trauma Can Help in Addiction Recovery

By Lakehouse Recovery | April 12, 2021

Addiction is often thought to be an overnight experience driven by the intense craving for drugs and alcohol. Some even believe that addiction is simply a lack of willpower, but this is far from the truth. Addiction is often interwoven with mental health problems and past traumas. Trauma especially can play a significant role in…

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Lakehouse’s Virtual Addiction Recovery Program

By Lakehouse Recovery | April 9, 2021

The past year has been extremely tough on the majority of the population. COVID-19 appeared seemingly out of nowhere, and the original two-week quarantine has now extended over one year. The stress has taken a toll on many individuals, with some turning to drugs and alcohol for a sense of relief. If you are currently…

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substance abuse in California

Substance Abuse in California

By Lakehouse Recovery | April 2, 2021

  California is known for its glamour, party scenes, and seemingly magical feel. People often flock to the state in an attempt to make it big and chase their dreams. However, many individuals do not realize the cost it can take to make it to the top. Others have trouble dealing with the high price…

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