Online Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

An online partial Hospitalization Program and Level of Care (PHP) is a level of care just below being in an addiction treatment program. Our online PHP program is typically 6 hours daily (depending on individual needs) for 5 days a week. For some this stage of treatment offers comprehensive recovery work while maintaining a productive life of work, school or family. For others PHP will be a needed break from those stressors, a time to focus on themselves.

Our online partial hospitalization program involves counseling, various forms of therapy, and other therapeutic interventions as well as educational classes designed to aid in a client’s recovery. This is considered a great alternative to in-patient treatment for some, and a great step-down level of care for others. Let us help you decide what level of care is best for you.

What is an Online Partial Hospitalization Program?

Among the three general levels of care, partial hospitalization sits right in the middle between an inpatient or residential treatment program and an intensive outpatient care program.

An online partial hospitalization program takes the same principles. It applies them via telemedicine, helping patients attend a comprehensive mental health treatment plan for their addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions without making the trip to a local clinic or far-off institute.

Time and the contents of the treatment plan are what generally set an online partial hospitalization program apart from an outpatient program.


An outpatient program can be a valuable way to continue recovery in the long-term after inpatient treatment or as an alternative for many who do not have the space in their lives to make a full-time commitment to their recovery but still need help and guidance. An online partial hospitalization program is much closer to the commitment level of an inpatient or residential program but from the comfort of the patient’s home.

Substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health conditions require a specialized and comprehensive program that suits a patient’s circumstances and needs. Be sure to discuss the option of online partial hospitalization (via telemedicine) with your mental health professional.

It’s important to note that the 30-hour per week commitment to recovery and therapy is still a step down in the level of care afforded by a dedicated inpatient treatment program. The appropriate level of care for you should always be discussed with a medical professional and psychiatric specialist.

How Does Our Online Partial Hospitalization Program Work?

Through an accredited telemedicine program and a HIPAA-compliant web-based portal, our online partial hospitalization program provides patients with access to one-on-one therapy sessions with our professional therapists or live group therapy sessions they can join in regularly.

Aside from live individual and group therapy, our online portal also offers patients access to educational lectures, guest lectures, online resources, exclusive workshops, recovery-related activities, and other content. To get started with our program, all you have to do is:

Step 1 for Virtual Rehab - Online Addiction Treatment

Contact our Admissions Department for a psychiatric assessment via our contact number at 1-877-618-3007 or contact page.

Step 2 for Online Rehab - Online Addiction Treatment

Fill out the paperwork we send you, including an admission form, our Rules and Regulation Agreements, and HIPAA and Liability protections. We will concurrently schedule an online evaluation.

Step 3 for Online Outpatient Programs - Online Addiction Treatment

We present you with a preliminary weekly schedule and a link to the portal. That’s it! You’re beginning your treatment.

Patients enrolled in our programs are given a weekly schedule, including the different times they should attend therapy. Since everything is done online via a web-based portal, patients can log in from any internet-connected device, including laptops, computers, tablets, or smartphones.

For their safety, we do recommend that patients access their portal only on private networks.

Online Addiction Treatment PHP Program Modalities

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Derived from “dialectics,” the act of comparing opposing logic, DBT is a talk therapy treatment designed to challenge conflicting thoughts and ideas. It was first developed to treat borderline personality disorder but has been successful in treating other conditions as well.

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The most common type of talk therapy, CBT revolves around identifying and addressing negative or inappropriate thoughts, to improve behavior. Through CBT, a therapist can help you train yourself to combat intrusive or unwanted thinking and develop coping mechanisms and habits to improve your condition.

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Motivational interviewing involves helping a patient through a line of questioning to discover their self-motivators and resolve feelings of ambivalence or apathy towards themselves.

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Creative expression as an outlet for stress and an effective treatment tool in psychiatry has a long and storied history. Our art therapy program helps patients get better via self-improvement in a creative endeavor.

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Emotional outbursts, feelings of resentment, and irritability are all dangerous and common symptoms in many co-occurring disorders. Our anger management treatment helps patients identify triggers and intrusive thoughts, find constructive outlets, and calm themselves down.

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Hobbies, vocational training, and life skills can significantly impact a person’s mental health, especially while struggling with a psychiatric disorder. By helping patients improve their skills, we help them rediscover and reignite their self-confidence.

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Our aftercare planning helps patients out of rehab balance the responsibilities and demands of their day-to-day life with their commitments to recovery and better mental health.

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We help patients discover communication tricks and improve both their introspective and empathic skills to help them better communicate with friends and family.

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Death is tragic and can trigger an avalanche of feelings in every one of us. Coming to terms with one’s problems in the aftermath of a loved one’s loss is doubly difficult. Part of our treatment plan involves helping recovering patients work through the loss of a loved one.

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Why You Should Consider Our Online Partial Hospitalization Program

Telemedicine has seen rapid growth over the last few years, and with telecommunications technology improving rapidly, remote medicine has never been this easy or effective. Studies show that psychiatric modalities can be just as effective remotely than in person, and we work hard to leverage these findings to help patients continue their long-term recovery from the comfort of their homes.

Our online partial hospitalization program shatters the barriers of entry to partial hospitalization treatments and long-term addiction and mental health recovery by making it much more convenient to access quality care without physically visiting a mental health professional. This helps many individuals who are still currently at risk or struggle with overcoming their fears regarding mental health treatment and the stigma of therapy by giving them a convenient way to get started.

Furthermore, our treatment helps individuals out of rehab who are beginning to fit into their daily lives and hectic schedules, but need additional guidance, or those who have completed a treatment program in the past, but fell off the wagon due to life stressors, and need an intensive treatment break to help get them back on track.