Online Intensive Outpatient Program

Recovering from addiction and alcoholism doesn’t have to mean putting your life on pause. Inpatient treatment may not be the best or most available option for everyone, and that's why we offer an online intensive outpatient program. For those needing a more flexible level of care, we recommend you consider our “outpatient” IOP program and services.

"You don’t have to stop Your life in order to save it"

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a level of care that allows for more freedom than addiction treatment options with many of the same clinical, as well as holistic, therapies.

Our online IOP program is an opportunity to receive care while still engaging in life outside of treatment. Because of this, our outpatient program is ideal for individuals who need to maintain a job, academic, or family responsibilities.

IOP programs are a way for a client to receive the necessary therapeutic care required to successfully recover from addiction and alcoholism. Our online intensive outpatient program may be used as primary treatment or continuing care after addiction treatment. Treatment involves counseling, various forms of therapy, and other therapeutic interventions as well as educational classes designed to aid in a client’s recovery. Our online outpatient treatment program now allows you to receive these services from your own home.

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How Does Our Online Intensive Outpatient Program Work?

Our online intensive outpatient programs are one step of intensity below a partial hospitalization program, designed to allow patients to include therapeutic concepts and regular therapy sessions into their daily life without disrupting their tasks and responsibilities.

These programs can be used as a primary treatment plan for patients who do not need intensive care, such as PHP or a residential treatment plan, to improve their symptoms.

On the other hand, patients who have relapsed or struggled in recent months and need help retraining their recovery skills and coping mechanisms, or who are looking for a way to continue in the long-term after an inpatient treatment experience, can use our online intensive outpatient program as a way to accompany their readmittance into daily life, and help them work on themselves while committing to their careers, families, and academic responsibilities.

Getting started with our online intensive outpatient program is easy. All you have to do is:

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Contact our Admissions Department for a psychiatric assessment via our contact number at 1-877-618-3007 or contact page.

Step 2 for Online Rehab - Online Addiction Treatment

Fill out the paperwork we send you, including an admission form, our Rules and Regulation Agreements, and HIPAA and Liability protections. We will concurrently schedule an online evaluation.

Step 3 for Online Outpatient Programs - Online Addiction Treatment

We present you with a preliminary weekly schedule and a link to the portal. That's it! You're beginning your treatment.

Once you've received your login details and access to the platform, you can login at any time to check out what's available to you, discuss your schedule with our staff, and attend solo therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, guest lectures, recovery-related workshops, and more.

One of the most important benefits of telemedicine, now and in the future, is treatment adherence. Our easy-to-follow weekly schedule and convenient portal, accessible via any internet browser, helps patients more easily and carefully adhere to their treatment plan, without the barrier provided by lack of transportation, commuting times, resources needed to travel to and from the facility, and other potential obstacles on the path to treatment.

By keeping patients up to date on their treatments and helping them meet their recovery goals via flexible scheduling and a digital interface, we hope that more patients who struggle to fulfill their commitments to in-person intensive outpatient care will give our online intensive outpatient program a try and reap the rewards.

Our platform prioritizes patient privacy. It is built with HIPAA compliance in mind, and your information is kept safe and secure. This means that our platform adheres to the strict national standards of the HIPAA privacy rule, which you can review thoroughly during the sign-up process.

Online Addiction Treatment IOP Program Modalities

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Dialectic behavioral therapy, or DBT, is a talk therapy modality that improves symptoms and introduces positive thoughts based on helping patients reconcile opposing mental logic.

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Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most well-researched mental health treatment methods, based on helping patients identify and resolve negative thinking and develop resilience against it.

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Motivational interviewing poses simple questions that help patients rediscover their self-esteem and inner resolve and identify sources of motivation they can draw upon throughout recovery.

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By helping patients develop a creative outlet, art therapy creates a natural relief for various stressors and helps patients build their self-esteem through practice and improvement.

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Through self-modulating techniques, healthy outlets, and communication skills, our anger management modality helps patients resolve irritable outbursts and avoid conflict.

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Life skills help improve a patient's self-esteem, help them find new hobbies, identify effective coping mechanisms, and become more self-reliant throughout the recovery process.

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Our online intensive outpatient program effectively builds resilience and improves one's recovery skillset after an inpatient program. Our aftercare planning helps patients develop important coping mechanisms and expand their support options.

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Communication skills help patients better interact with friends and family, make new acquaintances, and more importantly, develop the key abilities needed to seek out help, relay their needs to their loved ones, and better express themselves without relapsing.

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The loss of a loved one can be a terrible pain to bear and can scar us for years. For someone with a complicated past, it can tear open old wounds. We help people in recovery work through grief and loss safely.

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Why You Should Consider Our Online Intensive Outpatient Program

Every treatment plan is tailored to an individual's needs and circumstances. What may be best for others might not be best for you. Our portal allows us to catch up easily, communicate with patients at a distance, deliver high-quality telemedicine, and help facilitate long-term recovery progress.

Ultimately, the real work always begins at home. It's at home where patients take what they learned during their time at rehab and put it to use. It's at home and during the day-to-day that people are subjected to life's stressors and face the kind of pressure that can bring relapses. It's at home where the memories can come flooding back in.

We want to make sure that our patients are supported in every step of the way through their homecoming, and the years and decades that follow. We empower our patients to improve their coping skills, build resilience against stress, and use our online program to continue learning at home.

When working on your recovery through our online intensive outpatient program, it's important to note that we offer more than basic modalities such as talk therapy and group therapy. Our online offering expands to a variety of different treatment methods and workshops, ranging from art delivery and communication skills to teaching life skills and anger management, motivational interviewing, and much more.