Obtaining Recovery Through Your Passion

As you get older, you might become less inclined to chase your dreams or follow your passions. Your situations cause you to take more practical routes in your life. Making these more rational decisions affects almost every part of your life. You may become unhappy because you do not enjoy what you do for a living or because work and other responsibilities prevent you from pursuing your passions. Sometimes, passions like sports, music, or art serve as coping mechanisms for life stressors. For that reason, carving out time for them is essential.

Admittedly, it can be unrealistic for some to think that certain passions can become a lifelong career, but to give up on your dreams is to give up on yourself. Setting aside time for these personal hobbies can help you in your recovery. The Lakehouse Recovery Center has written about the importance of creativity in addiction treatment, but your passions extend far beyond just creative hobbies. Make time for whatever sets your soul on fire, and you will find that recovery will be more achievable and maintainable long-term. 

Treatment and Recovery Are Possible 

Millions of people across the country are suffering from addiction, but treatment and recovery are possible for everyone. This means that you can achieve recovery through a combination of medication, behavioral therapy, and group support. Each treatment program or facility is different in the kinds of programs and curricula they offer. 

The Lakehouse has several programs that may aid in your path to recovery. These include virtual programs. Our virtual rehab outpatient program allows us to offer treatment across the country, not just within southern California. Although, you may still be skeptical of virtual addiction treatment programs. You will find that the Lakehouse culture is still apparent, even when treatment is virtual.  

Sometimes recovery does not seem possible. This is a very common feeling while in recovery. Doubts can still enter your mind, and you may find yourself questioning how you are going to keep on. It is a daunting thought, but there is no end to recovery. It is a lifelong process. Time in treatment is healing and educational. You will have the chance to learn more about your addiction and ways to cope with triggers post-treatment. There are many online resources and support tools you can utilize. 

You should research local resources as well. That may include finding a local support group meeting in your area, which can be an exceptional resource in your recovery maintenance. 

Incorporating Your Passions Into Recovery 

Incorporating your passions and hobbies into your recovery regimen can be a powerful tool in your recovery process. You may question how to do that successfully. Not to worry, the Lakehouse works with you to create a treatment plan specific to your needs. That means getting to know you, what you are struggling with, and identifying any goals you hope to achieve within treatment and later on in recovery. Our relapse prevention program is a great way to learn how to integrate your passions into recovery. It is normal to experience relapse while in recovery. What is important is having a plan to get back on track. 

If you are in early recovery, you should do everything you can to prevent early relapse, which includes considering relapse prevention. Relapse prevention typically consists of looking at resources to utilize post-treatment, locating support group meetings, and coming up with ways to strengthen your support network. A major part of relapse prevention is identifying what triggers may threaten your recovery. Once you have identified these triggers, you can come up with creative ways to cope with them. 

Group therapy, support networks, and regular check-ins with a therapist are essential ways to cope with triggers – but getting creative keeps things fresh. When you feel like you are at an increased risk of relapse, pick up your guitar, go for a run, or get your friends together for a last-minute game of your sport of choice. By partaking in whatever you are passionate about, you will distract yourself from triggers and ultimately feel better because you are taking time to do something you love. 

Making More Time for What You Love 

Upon leaving treatment, you will quickly remember the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You will begin to question how you can make time for doing what you love, not just for enjoyment, but to maintain recovery. It is normal to struggle with making time for what you love. There are things you can do to carve out more time. This includes:  

  • Planning your days and sticking to those calendars.
  • Make time for “quiet time” so you can evaluate your thoughts and feelings, or identify how you are progressing or where you need improvement. 
  • Narrow your focus. Some may have many passions. If you can find time for all of them, that is great. If you cannot though, prioritize carving out time for the ones most conducive to recovery. 

Recovery is not an easy path to take. You do not have to take it alone. The Lakehouse Recovery Center can help you on your path to recovery today. Let us help you rediscover your passions, enter recovery, and change your life today. 

Sometimes maintaining recovery requires us to come up with creative ways to distract ourselves from triggers and cravings. Our relapse prevention program at The Lakehouse Recovery Center can help with that. Relapse prevention is about so much more than preventing relapse. It’s about educating on how we can find healthy ways to deal with a relapse when it occurs. Incorporating your passions and hobbies into your recovery regimen can help. Whether you’re an athlete, musician, or yo-yo enthusiast, carving out time to focus on your craft is less time you’ll have to experience intrusive thoughts regarding your triggers. Millions across the country are suffering silently from addiction. If you are one of those people, know that you don’t have to suffer in silence anymore. Call the Lakehouse Recovery Center at (877) 762-3707. We can help you achieve recovery and pursue your passions today.