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Letting Go and Finding Peace During Recovery

While the path to recovery can come with many trials and tribulations, there are several things you can do to make these challenges easier to manage. The obvious methods may include seeking treatment, going to therapy, or attending group meetings. However, there are many things you can do yourself to foster a successful recovery, some…

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Recovery, LA Living, and Co-occurring Disorders

One of the most high-risk scenarios that occur with individuals suffering from addiction or substance use disorder is the development of other co-occurring mental illnesses. Sometimes, untreated mental illnesses can even lead to substance use disorders (SUD). Lakehouse Recovery is equipped to treat both regardless of your specific situation. While focusing on addiction treatment specifically,…

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Online Partial Hospitalization Programs

Many facilities offer partial hospitalization programs (PHP) for their patients and clients. Partial hospitalization programs are very much an effective treatment option. They differ in that they offer a less evasive level of care than standard addiction treatment centers, but they still work to treat mental illnesses and substance use disorders. Whereas in most addiction…

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Creativity, Treatment, and Recovery

People sometimes forget that there are many treatments, paths, and ways to recover successfully. We often discuss the traditional methods associated with treatment; individual and group therapy, relapse prevention, and traditional counseling focused on a client’s long-term goals during treatment and afterward in recovery. However, there are many other ways to recover from addiction and…

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What Can Individual Therapy Do For You?

In a recent article, we discussed the benefits of participating in family therapy for addiction and substance use disorder (SUD). There are many treatment methods beneficial during treatment and recovery. Many of these methods are even more effective when used together. In addition to family therapy, individual therapy sessions are an essential part of treating…

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How to Find Employment After Treatment

A common misconception regarding recovery is that there exists a definitive end to the recovery journey. The truth is, post-treatment recovery takes a lot of work, effort, and can last the rest of someone’s life. A lot of time and energy in post-treatment is spent trying to get back on your feet. Whether finding a…

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Happy National Recovery Month!

National Recovery Month has been in existence since 1989. For 31 years, we’ve been celebrating not just the importance of recovery, but the importance of connection and community as well. Maintaining recovery can often take a village: a village of support and compassion from a community of family, friends, and peers who have gone through…

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How Family Therapy Could Help You

Some people get dealt a great hand of cards when it comes to our families, and others, not so much. It is easy for us to criticize and pass judgment on members of our family, and it’s exceptionally easy for us to be too hard on them. Every family comes with its own form of…

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Accepting Yourself and Your Recovery

An integral part of recovery is accepting where you are in life, accepting your illness, and accepting the work that must be done to recover. It’s also essential to get past failures, the consequences of past decisions, and the fact that there will be times where you may have to work harder than others to…

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