Does Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse Work?

If you are suffering from addiction, one of the best avenues to utilize is intensive outpatient treatment for substance abuse. But does it actually work? Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse - Online Addiction Treatment

When you hear “intensive outpatient treatment or IOP,” today your first thoughts may fill you with anxiety due to COVID-19 issues. How will you attend intensive outpatient treatment while maintaining safety and protection from the Coronavirus?

Treatment centers understand your concerns and have taken significant steps to address them. They have created online addiction treatment, including online intensive outpatient programs.

You may be wondering if online intensive outpatient treatment for substance abuse can work as well as an in-person program. While there aren’t too many statistics yet, because dealing with a pandemic is new to everyone, there are benefits that are quickly being noticed.

Before discussing the benefits, it’s essential to understand what online intensive outpatient means for you.

Online Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Substance Abuse

The only major difference between online and in-person treatment is the location of where you receive the treatment. In-person intensive outpatient therapy typically means you travel to a recovery facility several times a week to participate in group and individual therapies.

With online intensive outpatient therapy, you will also be able to attend treatment several times a week, including individual and group sessions. There are additional benefits of attending therapy online, like the ones listed below.

Benefit #1: Privacy

The online intensive outpatient treatment takes place from the comfort of your home. You log on to your computer and into the confidential system used by your therapist. There is no more walking into a public addiction treatment facility where anyone passing by can see you.

With online addiction counseling, only you, your therapist, and the other members in your private group will know you are attending.

Benefit #2: Variety of Therapies

With online IOP, you have the opportunity to participate in multiple forms of therapy, not just group sessions. You can also receive individual counseling and family counseling.

Online individual therapy can take place at a time convenient for you and your therapist. You no longer have to worry about getting individual counseling between regular business hours. You and your therapist can meet in the evening or even later at night, depending on what is best for both of you.

Family therapy is crucial to maintaining sobriety. Participating online means you can meet at a time when all your family members can attend, making it easier for your loved ones to complete their work and other responsibilities without complications.

Your online therapist can also create a treatment plan specific to your needs that includes access to resources. Examples may consist of online art therapy, equine therapy, support groups, psychiatric care, and even vocational counseling.

Benefit #3: Cost-Effective

Attending in-person IOP can cost more money than you have to spend. Depending on your location, you may be required to drive a long distance. Meaning, you will need more money for gas and maintenance of your vehicle. If you have to miss work to attend or schedule transportation, these too can be costly.

Online IOP eliminates all those issues. It saves money on gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, and the feeling of burdening someone you must rely on for transportation.

Benefit #4: Relapse Prevention

It is a proven fact that the more treatment you receive, the higher the chance of maintaining success in sobriety. Therapy is like ammunition. The more ammo you have, the better you can fight a relapse.

One day in sobriety can be significant; the next can include severe cravings and temptations. Attending online intensive outpatient treatment for substance abuse lets you receive guidance and encouragement every day, no matter how hard you are struggling or not struggling.

Online OIP also provides a way to help you stay accountable in your recovery. Checking in with professionals and peers motivates you to do what it takes to prevent relapse.

Benefit #5: Individualized Treatment Plan

With intensive online treatment, you will be attending multiple therapy sessions with peers and family members. However, your overall treatment plan will be individualized to meet your recovery needs. If you have mental health issues on top of addiction issues, you can receive dual-diagnosis treatment.

If you need medication assistance, you can receive treatment with a psychiatrist. Likewise, if you need alternative therapies, they connect you to outside resources. For example, if your therapist feels you can benefit from mindfulness-based treatments, he or she can connect you with the professionals who can provide those treatments.

If you need to build skills for educational or vocational purposes, they can direct you to the right agencies to guide you while keeping recovery a top priority.

Benefit #6: You Get To Work With Experts

Addiction professionals are licensed and certified experts. Many have personal experiences related to addiction. They can truly understand what you are going through, and they know the steps to help you achieve long-term sobriety.

How To Choose The Right Online IOP

You can start your search for an online intensive outpatient program today. The virtual rehab program you choose should meet specific requirements. Their treatment professionals should be licensed and in good standing with the State in which you live.

Not only are the professionals licensed, the facility should be licensed and in good standing also. They should provide multiple services, including psychiatry, peer support, family therapy opportunities, and evidence based treatments. They follow HIPAA guidelines and take your privacy seriously. In addition, they work with insurance companies to cover costs and are reasonably priced for those without insurance.

Most importantly, the right online intensive outpatient program makes you a priority. They care about your recovery, and they make efforts to show you they care.

In conclusion, if you are struggling with addiction-related issues, have successfully or unsuccessfully completed rehab programs before, or feel you need extra support in your recovery, intensive outpatient treatment for substance abuse can help.

If you live in a remote area, lack transportation, or need a more convenient way to receive addiction recovery treatment, intensive online outpatient treatment can help.

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