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The Importance of Chosen Family

Family involvement is important for a successful recovery from substance abuse, but your chosen family is just as invaluable. Sometimes the people you choose to call family are more supportive and loving than your traditional family members. What exactly is a chosen family? How can both families be incorporated into recovery? What are the dangers…

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How Family Therapy Could Help You

Some people get dealt a great hand of cards when it comes to our families, and others, not so much. It is easy for us to criticize and pass judgment on members of our family, and it’s exceptionally easy for us to be too hard on them. Every family comes with its own form of…

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Family Dynamics in Early Recovery

Family dynamics play a substantial role in a person’s substance use history and recovery. A family history of substance misuse can cause trauma and issues with family dynamics and boundaries. However, family therapy offers an effective way to bring the entire family into the recovery process, heal issues from the past, and develop a plan…

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