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Meditate Your Way Through Recovery

Like with anything, understanding how something works, in general, helps you to determine how it could help you in any life situation. In order to understand how meditation can help treat addiction and maintain recovery, it’s important to understand meditation and its health benefits as a whole.  What Is Meditation? Meditation is a core practice…

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Destigmatizing the Stigma of Addiction

For years, the topic of mental illness has been stigmatized and considered taboo. Even today, certain stereotypes and inaccurate representations of mental illness exist. However, in recent years, there have been significant efforts to normalize mental illness and co-occurring addiction. As the public health crisis of addiction and overdoses continues to rise, destigmatizing mental illness…

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Maintaining Nutrition During Recovery

Most of us have heard from doctors, gym teachers, or Instagram fitness enthusiasts the importance of healthy eating and exercise. While one workout routine or eating plan won’t work for everyone, an exercise regiment and nutrition plan can have several positive physical and mental benefits. At Lakehouse Recovery, one of our curriculum topics includes mindful eating.…

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Staying Positive and Laughing Your Way Through Recovery

Discovering both humor and the brighter side of life, while in the darker parts of treatment, are sometimes a key ingredient in the recovery process. While the subject of recovery is not in itself a joking matter, finding humor can help you rise out of those dark times stronger than ever. As substance use disorders…

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Past Traumas and How They May Be Affecting You Now

At Lakehouse Recovery, we believe that to truly work through past trauma, one must first have a stable foundation. Our specialists are experienced with trauma, but as an organization, we do not focus on it. With that being said, there is no question that past traumas can have detrimentally long-lasting effects on both mental and…

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What Is a Dual Diagnosis and How Is It Treated?

A person with a dual diagnosis has a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder. Dual diagnosis, also called co-occurring disorders or comorbidity, affects many people. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIHM) reports that at least half of all people seeking substance use disorder treatment also have a mental health diagnosis. Research from the…

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