The Dangers of Half-Fast Recovery

Sometimes, people who enter into addiction treatment do not fully engage in the recovery process. There are many reasons why that might be. For some, their motivation for entering into treatment is solely obligatory. They may feel bad for the pain they have caused their loved ones or think that entering into treatment is the only way for them to reconcile with people in their lives and regain their trust. Some may even enter into treatment because they have no other choice. For example, some may have court-ordered treatment due to trouble they have come into with the law due to their addiction or substance use disorder (SUD). 

Regardless of the reason, if entering into treatment is not something you choose to do because you want to recover, the chances of maintaining it long-term can be slim. The Lakehouse Recovery Center believes in the importance of empowerment in your recovery, and to do so, it would be beneficial to enter with your heart fully in it.

Not Having Your Heart in It

Receiving treatment for addiction and achieving recovery is a process of intense self-reflection. To self-reflect, though, you must be open to acknowledging past decisions, mistakes, and how you hurt your loved ones or caused your addiction to spiral. The inability to self-reflect can indicate your true intention in recovery. If you are wholly in it because you want to change, you may still struggle to self-reflect, accept your past, and take responsibility for wrongdoings. Although, you will develop these skills in time. 

If you do not have your heart in it, you are less likely to arrive at this state independently. You may even just go through the motions to appear well enough to leave treatment, only to return to your old habits.

The danger of not having your heart in your recovery is that you are most likely short-changing yourself. For any of the reasons mentioned above—court orders, feelings of guilt, or as a means to appease others—going through treatment only to return to old habits upon your exit can prove very dangerous. Upon detox, your body may be in a sensitive state. When you leave treatment and begin using again, there is a greater chance of overdosing or consuming more than you are used to, which can cause irrevocable damage.

Reasons You Should Want to Enter Treatment

The intent behind entering treatment for someone you love and have hurt could be with good intention. Despite these admirable intentions, entering into treatment must be something you want for yourself. It means that you have finally seen the toll addiction has taken on your life and you ultimately want to put an end to it the right way. Deciding to go to treatment for yourself makes for an extraordinary adventure of self-discovery. It changes your life in a way that entering treatment for someone else could never do.

It is entirely normal for you to be afraid and hesitant about entering into treatment. While it needs to be something you decide for yourself, that does not minimize the importance of having support from your family and loved ones. Generally speaking, there are several benefits of entering treatment. These benefits include:

  • Finding a life free of active addiction. 
  • Learning the necessary skills for maintaining recovery long-term. 
  • Developing a support system of other individuals to help you maintain sobriety.
  • Experiencing the fulfillment of helping someone else stay sober. 
  • Earning the privilege and ability to make amends to those you have hurt. 

Even if desiring to regain the trust of someone you love is a goal for you, you will only achieve it by wanting recovery and sustaining it as best as you can.

What Will You Get Out of Treatment?

Thanks to the individualized treatment plans you will receive from a facility like The Lakehouse Recovery Center, you will have an even greater chance of recovering. We find that tailored plans of care and helping clients feel empowered in their treatment make their recovery much more successful. An individualized treatment plan will not be truly authentic if your reason for entering treatment is not your own and for the right reasons, however.

The Lakehouse Recovery Center can help you start your path to recovery today if and when you are truly ready to embark on the journey for yourself. If feeling empowered in your individualized treatment is what you are looking for, and you are prepared to start your recovery today, consider a program with the Lakehouse Recovery Center today. 

Many dangers come with entering into treatment with your heart half in it. Some of the reasons you may initially enter recovery include an attempt to appease those closest to you, regain their trust, or even be forced into it due to a court order. Regardless, the issue with these motivations is that your primary goal is not to gain a better life by recovering from addiction and substance use. People who enter treatment for all the wrong reasons will most likely struggle and fail to maintain sobriety. It is indispensable for you to be able to self-reflect, accept, and take responsibility for your actions to begin living a life free of addiction. The only way to do that is to want to make that change for yourself. If you or someone you love is fearful of entering into treatment, please reach out to the Lakehouse today at (877) 762-3707.