What Is Pranic Healing?

At the Lakehouse Recovery Center, we offer many traditional methods of treatment, like cognitive behavioral therapy, psychiatric modalities, and medication management treatment if needed. However, we also offer several methods of treatment that may seem a little more unorthodox, like yoga and meditation. 

One of these lesser-known treatment offerings at the Lakehouse is pranic healing. For those familiar with this holistic practice, we encourage you to keep reading to learn how it can aid in your recovery from addiction. For individuals unfamiliar with pranic healing, we hope this article can help educate you on the practice regarding its place in treatment and perhaps encourage you to reach out to the Lakehouse if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction. 

In addition to holistic and unorthodox approaches to recovery like pranic healing, our individualized treatment plans and psychological modalities can help you to start your path to recovery today.

Let’s First Define Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is a form of energy treatment that uses the breath to create balance within the body and improve its energy processes or flow. The breath, or prana and life-force, describes each individual’s bio-energy in this practice. Different cultures have different names for this life force. 

For example, regarding the Chinese tradition of acupuncture, this life force is referred to as Chi. Japanese culture refers to this life energy as Ki for those familiar with Reiki. Some cultures have been manipulating this life energy for years, and in recent years these alternative methods have been incorporated into many medical practices.

At its core, pranic healing is based on the philosophy that the body has the power to heal and repair itself. Many know this to be true if we examine our own life experiences. Anyone who has ever been in a car accident, suffered a severe injury, or has had a cold has seen firsthand the body’s ability to fix itself slowly but surely. 

Unfortunately, we cannot flip a switch to make the body’s self-repair process quicker. Still, pranic healing can help the body heal itself in an accelerated way due to the increase of prana, or life force, within the body.

Benefits of Pranic Healing

There are many health benefits people often experience through pranic healing. It can be utilized for physical and psychological struggles and helps reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy, and even improve the immune system. 

These include more serious mental illnesses like depression or substance use disorder (SUD). A study on the improvement of mild and moderate depression through pranic healing published by Australasian Psychiatry used a controlled trial of 52 participants to test the effectiveness of pranic healing.

The research study defines depression as a mental disorder that adversely affects a person’s quality of life due to an increased experience of sadness or loss of interest in activities they used to find pleasurable. The study examined people with mild, moderate, and severe levels of depression. In most of these cases, individuals’ symptoms improved significantly after being exposed to pranic healing. The pranic healer utilizes and manipulates the body’s different chakras, or centers of energy in the body, to increase each participant’s wellbeing. 

For those more skeptical of practices such as these, it is understandable why it may be difficult for you to believe in manipulating your body’s energy. However, the results may just be enough to convince you by reading the study in full.

Pranic Healing and Addiction Recovery

As mentioned before, pranic healing is just one of the more unorthodox methods of treatment that could potentially aid in your addiction recovery. One of the reasons that pranic healing could be a valuable tool in your recovery regimen is its holistic approach to healing. Holistic approaches to health and treatment consider the entire person’s physical, emotional, and psychological needs. 

Pranic healing helps to offer balance to your overall life, which as a result, provides balance to your struggle with addiction and the ability to recover healthily and maintain that recovery long-term. In conjunction with clinical and therapeutic modalities, you may just find the perfect balance for your addiction recovery.

Much skepticism still exists regarding unorthodox approaches to treatment, including the practice of pranic healing. If you are someone looking for treatment but are also skeptical of techniques like this, consider one thing; if you have been struggling with addiction for a while now and continue to struggle to achieve sobriety, what do you have to lose? A treatment program at The Lakehouse Recovery Center will meet your individual needs, and if pranic healing is not one of those needs, then that is ok. However, keep in mind that unorthodox treatment methods have shown to reap many benefits, and there is a chance for them to reap those benefits for you too. 

Our trained professional and competent treatment methods at The Lakehouse Recovery Center work to help our clients enter into recovery and learn to maintain recovery long-term. We will create an individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs when entering into our program. For some, that may include focusing on traditional treatments or medication management. However, for many, this may consist of a combination of the more conventional and clinical modalities often implemented in treatment programs and several holistic approaches to treatment. One of those holistic treatment methods at the Lakehouse could include the use of pranic healing, a practice that manipulates a person’s prana, or life-energy, to accelerate the body’s self-healing capabilities. If you or someone you love is looking to start your path to recovery today and may be interested in the potential use of pranic healing, we encourage you to reach out to the Lakehouse at (877) 762 -3707 today.