Why Broader Treatment Programs Are More Beneficial

One of our core beliefs at the Lakehouse Recovery Center is that the addiction treatment process is best accomplished from a broad perspective. Broad programs help treat more individuals successfully. This is because the broader the program, the more tailored it can be to each client. 

While options can be overwhelming, they allow clients to make better decisions about their treatment. This is one of our goals at the Lakehouse. We prioritize helping our clients feel empowered in their treatment. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, do not wait to seek treatment. The Lakehouse believes that you do not have to stop your life to save it. If you are looking for a program that allows you to make decisions in your treatment, a program with us may be just the right fit.

Broad Programs at the Lakehouse

There are many options for addiction treatment centers throughout Southern California and beyond. As opposed to some treatment centers, Lakehouse stands firm in the core belief that addiction treatment is a process best accomplished from a broad perspective. 

The client’s experience is unique. No one is living the same day during their time at Lakehouse because no day is ever the same for individuals suffering from addiction. Our broad programs are not focused on changing our clients. These programs are designed to offer clients the tools to reconnect with themselves, their true selves, and how to integrate sobriety into everyday life.

Some of the programs you can expect from the Lakehouse include an intensive outpatient program (IOP). IOPs allow clients to seek treatment while continuing to engage in everyday life outside of treatment. This is ideal for individuals who need to maintain their job, academics, and family responsibilities. IOPs offer our clients greater flexibility, as do our virtual outpatient programs. 

The virtual outpatient program offers clients the chance to seek treatment from the comfort of their own home, which is highly desirable, especially after the past two years of COVID. We also have an evening program which is great for individuals needing to maintain their day-to-day responsibilities. Not only are the Lakehouse’s programs broad, but they are also attainable for anyone in need of treatment.  

Make the Lakehouse Experience Unique to Your Individual Needs

Another one of our goals is to make each day in our program a new experience for you. We focus on teaching clients balance. That might mean creating a balance between your work and personal life, or a balance between time alone and time spent with others. 

After experiencing the highs and lows that come with addiction, learning to balance these aspects of your life can certainly be a struggle. The Lakehouse will help teach you the tools needed to create balance, an overall healthier lifestyle, and a framework for you to maintain your recovery long-term.

Another way we focus on making each day a new experience is through our emphasis on individualized treatment. Treatment plans at the Lakehouse may follow a similar structure but are customized based on each individual’s needs. Typically, everyone has one to two therapy sessions per week, which will lessen as time goes on, or may increase if needed. Clients are required to stay in the program for 30 days, but the average is about 3 months. Some may choose to stay 5 to 6 months based on their needs. 

Everyone will also receive one case management session per week. These are particularly useful when focusing on your post-treatment goals. You can focus on goals for school, work, and other relapse prevention counseling during these sessions. While the structure may be consistent, our staff works with each client to make sure treatment focuses on each person’s needs, while respecting the beliefs and values of our clients. Creating an individual plan of care is the first step towards finding your path to recovery with the Lakehouse.

The Importance of Quality Care

Initially, the concept of a program deemed “broad” can portray a negative connotation. It is important not to confuse “broad” with unfocused. Our programs are far from unfocused. We believe in broad treatment programs because the broader the program, the better we can tailor it to your specific needs. Addiction has no one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. When facilities implement generic methods of treatment, their clients have lower success rates for recovery.

We cannot reiterate the importance of seeking addiction treatment immediately. The Lakehouse Recovery Center has the means, methods, and compassion to help our clients start their path to recovery today. To learn more about our programs, reach out to the Lakehouse today. Give our broader programs and individualized treatment plans a chance to help you on the path to recovery. 

There are several options for addiction treatment throughout Southern California, and California in general. Many treatment facilities implement generic programs. Addiction is not a generic disorder. Each person’s battle with addiction is a unique experience. This is why the Lakehouse Recovery Center believes that the addiction treatment process is best approached from a broad perspective. Broad programs set a strong treatment foundation, which then allows us to create individualized care plans for you. The Lakehouse emphasizes the importance of feeling empowered in your recovery, which requires you to work in conjunction with our staff to create your care plan together. Your program will adhere to your values and beliefs. To learn more about broad perspective treatment and individualized plans of care, reach out to the Lakehouse today at (877) 762-3707. You do not have to stop your life to save it. Begin your path to recovery with us today.