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Online Partial Hospitalization Programs

Many facilities offer partial hospitalization programs (PHP) for their patients and clients. Partial hospitalization programs are very much an effective treatment option. They differ in that they offer a less evasive level of care than standard addiction treatment centers, but they still work to treat mental illnesses and substance use disorders. Whereas in most addiction…

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Emotional and Clinical Recovery Support

Chances are that many of you reading this article have experienced at least one doctor who could stand to work on their bedside manners. Often, individuals in the medical community will have a lot to offer, but empathy and emotional support are not always in that regiment. On the flip side, hopefully, many of you…

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The Importance of Individualized Treatment

In recent years, the importance of individualized treatment and care has been emphasized, not only in treating substance use disorders and addiction but in terms of healthcare in general. Fortunately, medical professionals have finally come to the understanding that one path of treatment does not fit all patients.  Whether it’s a medical treatment for a…

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How Addiction May Be Affecting Your Family

People often discuss the effects of addiction on an individual’s physical and mental health, well-being, and overall quality of life. We sometimes forget though how addiction affects the lives of friends, family, and loved ones. It’s a strange relationship because while loved ones may not understand addiction if they haven’t gone through it themselves, they…

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Why Healthy Family Involvement is Key to Recovery

When discussing addiction, it is often thought of as a personal experience that only the person struggling is impacted by. However, those closest to them, namely the family, will also be directly affected by the person’s addiction. In fact, addiction can affect families in a variety of ways, causing the various members to take on…

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Understanding Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

Modern mental health and addiction treatment have a number of approaches that suit every person’s individual needs. A variety of therapies are being used in facilities across the United States to help give patients the best chance at a successful recovery. One such therapy that is being used is rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT). First…

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Stay Sober During COVID-19 With Online Addiction Counseling - OAT

Online Addiction Counseling Can Help You Stay Sober During COVID-19

Staying sober during COVID-19 is a challenge, which is why online addiction counseling has been created to help! Read below for all the details, and how you can start the journey today! If you have tried to overcome an addiction personally, you likely know it is hard, maybe impossible. Most of the time, people trying…

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Telemedicine for Addiction Treatment - Online Addiction Treatment

How Is Telemedicine Changing Addiction Treatment?

Millions of people enter addiction treatment each year. With the rise of telemedicine, addiction treatment is changing drastically as more and more individuals can seek help. Typically, those suffering from addiction first enter a detoxification program, then moves into an inpatient facility for at least a month. Once discharged successfully from inpatient programs, recovery treatment…

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