Online Partial Hospitalization Programs

Many facilities offer partial hospitalization programs (PHP) for their patients and clients. Partial hospitalization programs are very much an effective treatment option. They differ in that they offer a less evasive level of care than standard addiction treatment centers, but they still work to treat mental illnesses and substance use disorders. Whereas in most addiction programs, people reside within the treatment center for a period of time, a PHP allows the individual to remain in their homes while commuting to the center as needed during the week. 

Whether a PHP is a good option depends on you and the level of treatment you might need. A partial hospitalization program is a great way to experience outpatient psychiatric care as an alternative to inpatient psychiatric care. For some, round-the-clock intensive psychiatric care may be necessary. A common barrier that many treatment facilities have had to work through over the past year is not being able to provide partial or residential care to clients in their area. This is why the Lakehouse Recovery Center created an online partial hospitalization program that some may consider continuing to use even post-pandemic. 

Implementing an Online Partial Hospitalization Program

Here at Lakehouse Recovery, we were faced with several challenges during the March of 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic prevented millions of clients from receiving necessary treatment across the world. However, the Lakehouse embodies the idea of just figuring things out and making things work, and that’s exactly what we did. In a short amount of time, we were able to begin providing telehealth to people wherever they were. Many other struggles come with treating through online programs, including the inability to place clients into sober living, the dangers of sitting at a computer for several hours a day and focusing squarely on intensive outpatient programs. Thankfully, a lot of benefits have become visible from our virtual and online programs. 

To learn more about our Online PHP program and virtual offerings, we encourage you to visit one of our Lakehouse Recovery websites. In a nutshell, our online PHP program lasts six hours a day, five days a week. That timeline is dependent on the client’s needs, whether that be more or fewer hours per day. Essentially, a program such as this allows patients to have access to the necessary treatment while keeping up with the responsibilities of everyday life, whether that be work, school, or taking care of their family. Of course, some individuals may again need that round-the-clock treatment; however, this type of program can be a great way to block out some time for yourself and your health every single day during the week. 

Our Online PHP Programs Offerings

Again, we encourage you to visit our website to learn more. Researching and gathering information is essential when choosing the right program for you. Some of our offerings include: 

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Several therapy offerings, including:
    • Dialectical behavioral therapy
    • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
    • Art therapy
  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Providing education, relapse prevention, and a full curriculum of other programs such as:
    • Anger management
    • Life skills
    • Communication
    • Grief and loss

If you decide our online PHP program would be right for you, these are some of the modalities you can expect, which can again be found listed on one of our websites linked above. It’s ultimately your decision to decide what kind of treatment is best for you, but it’s important to do so with the counsel of a mental health professional. 

Other Online Addiction Treatment

The link above can also educate you on other online addiction programs we now offer. In addition to our online PHP program, we offer an online intensive outpatient program (IOP) and an online co-occurring disorder treatment program. Our online addiction treatment team is made up of individuals in recovery, so you are in the hands of individuals who can provide you with the necessary compassion and support to recover. Even if you are not currently in recovery, we encourage you to reach out when deciding which treatment program is best for you. 

Many of our programs are online, but that doesn’t mean there is a lack in our sense of community. The culture at Lakehouse Recovery Center is as apparent as ever. With us, you have a support community you can count on whenever you may need it. Use your time with us to learn how to stay sober where it counts, outside of treatment, and know that you have a haven here with us no matter where you go.

A massive silver lining that has come out of the past year has been the creation of mental health program offerings across both online and virtual platforms. One of our virtual programs is our online Partial Hospitalization Program. This allows clients to get the treatment they need from the comfort of their own homes. That treatment will often occur every day for about six hours; this time completely depends on each patient’s individual needs. Some of the modalities you can expect to see through the program include cognitive-behavioral therapy, anger management, and relapse prevention programs, to name a few of the many we offer. To learn more about our PHP program and other virtual offerings, feel free to visit our website at To learn more about Lakehouse Recovery Center and how we may be able to help you on your path to recovery, please visit our other website or call us today at (877) 762-3707.